The final 26 tags needed to complete the project!

The following information is from CarFax and information learned through networking.

NOTE: The tags marked "inactive" are ONLY able to be reactivated by the most recent owner.

Tag Number Year/Make/Model Location
524 2003 Chevrolet Corvette Newark
C122 1988 Toyota 4RUNNER Magnolia
C127 Antique Vehicle Millville
C250 Antique Vehicle Magnolia
C286 2020 Ford Transit Ocean View
C388 Antique Vehicle Wilmington
C506 2004 Chev Suburban Lewes
C582 2010 Ford F150 Georgetown
C596 Antique Vehicle Dover
C651 Currently Inactive  
C656 1997 GMC Sierra Clayton
C727 Antique Vehicle Bridgeville
C857 1988 Chevrolet V30 Ellendale
PC65 2008 Subaru Outback Wilmington
PC152 2007 Cadillac SRX Lincoln
PC424 Retained Lincoln
PC501 Currently Inactive  
PC502 Currently Inactive  
PC516 Currently Inactive  
PC650 2021 Ford F150 Dover
PC708 Currently Inactive  
PC737 2006 Ford Freestar Dover
PC822 1987 Chev G20 Van Magnolia
PC845 Currently Inactive  
PC861 1968 Ford Mustang Wilmington
PC897 Currently Inactive